Taking custody of your bitcoin!

1) Once you purchase Bitcoin, you’ll want to use a hardware wallet of your choice to securely generate keys so that you can take full custody of your Bitcoin instead of leaving it online in an exchange or on a mobile app where it can be vulnerable to loss, attacks or business failures.

2) Your hardware wallet will give you a key in BIP39 format that contains either 12 words or 24 words (depending on your preference) and this key is the password that you’ll want to back up and store securely onto a premium steel Punchplate. Once it’s backed up, the hardware device can be wiped or destroyed without loss of bitcoin and your bitcoin accounts can be restored into any hardware wallet or software wallet of your choice.

3) The same hardware wallet from the previous steps will also give you the accounts and addresses used to receive bitcoin. These addresses are now backed up by the 12 or 24 word/number key, and can now be used to receive bitcoin into these newly created accounts. This next step is where the Punchplates come in!

Using our products
Each of our products comes with instructions on how to use our Punchplates, along with a temporary card to write down your 12/24 word key. The numbered BIP39 word list is included with the Punchplate models that store the index numbers and can also be found online. Every order includes a permanent marker to pre-mark your Punchplate before punching with the provided punch tool that we recommend using with our Punchplates.

1) The order of the punches is as one would read in English, starting from the top left, going right, then onto the next line, bottom left to the bottom right. This order is also indicated in the corners of the Punchplate. 
Each Punchplate model also has a spot for either an 8 letter note or an 8 digit number so that you can differentiate it from other Punchplates.

2) Before punching, mark the Punchplate with a permanent marker to prevent punching incorrectly. The provided Punch tool fits into the small pilot holes to prevent slippage when striking with a hammer. We recommend placing the Punchplate on a solid surface. Holding the punch tool at the tip close to the Punchplate will help hold the Punchplate in place while striking.

3) Once you have punched the Punchplate, test restore from the Punchplate to ensure that the Punchplate is correctly marked with your keys. After you have checked that your account can be restored, it is safe to send your Bitcoin to those address. 
When you are finished, place your Punchplate somewhere secure.

CONGRATULATIONS! Your Bitcoin is now secured in cold storage on a premium steel Punchplate and you can rest assured that it is safe from flooding, fire, crushing, and corrosion.