How It Works

To recover your bitcoin account you only need the first 4 letters of each of your secret words. Using the BIP39 backup standard used by all major hardware wallets there is only one possible word that matches once you have entered 4 characters.

Our S Series products hold the first 4 letters of your seed word in two columns. Two letters in the first column and the second two letters in the second column.

First, write down your secret words generated by your Bitcoin wallet. Once they are written down and verified you can then mark the first four letters of each word into the CodlCard/CodlKeys using the sequence above.
Here is an example of the words BUY BITS HOLD COLD punched into a CodlCard.
"But what if I mark the wrong triangle?" To resolve this issue you can simply mark the mistaken triangle multiple times to effectively cancel it out and then continue to mark the correct triangle.
If you have any questions, or would like help with any issues you may run into, please reach out to us at