Our Story

Codl Storage Solutions began after I had searched far and wide for the best cold storage solution for my bitcoin. I believe that bitcoin is one of the most important human tools we have, and because of how absolute and finite bitcoin is, few risks should be taken when storing it long term. So I bought multiples of every version on the market, but there were shortcomings to each of them. Expensive, too many left over pieces, not tough enough, or just too big. I wanted to use the simplest but most solid solution and that seemed to be simply marking on a steel plate, and because I was unsatisfied with my options, I decided to make my own.
After trying out some ideas on paper, I had a design that was much more compact than other steel plates. Excited by this, I then realized I could reduce the space needed in my design by half! Envisioning these getting smaller and smaller like their microchip counterparts, I was hooked! So here we are, best-in-class, standing on the shoulders of giants, on a journey to come up with the most compact and durable bitcoin storage solutions!